Monday, January 11, 2016

Why this book?

Why this book?

For those who know me, both in business and personally, it is understood that I am neither subtle nor tactful. Indeed, my business reputation has been built upon my ability to speak my mind regardless of venue, often voicing out loud what many might be thinking, but who don't have the venue to share.

I am not rude, simply blunt.

As a rule I don't discuss politics or religion outside of my family. These are personal to me and I prefer not to discuss. If I talk to you about this book, you will still not be able to determine if I am red or blue.

That being said, I have lived in the Washington DC suburbs for my entire life, and I have watched with varying degrees of amusement, sadness, anger, frustration and helplessness and the political "dialogue" seeks lower ground on an hourly basis.

Volume is high, substance is low.

Integrity has been replaced by the ability to create methane in sound-bites.

The political "debates" are a sham. Rather than discussing real issues, politicians spew what they know to be inaccurate in order to smear someone else on the podium.

My home state of Maryland has a gerrymandered district that would make the original Elbridge Gerry turn over in his grave. 

When will we say collectively "Enough!"

This book is my attempt to say enough is enough. Let's get back to doing some real work.


The 2016 Unofficial Voter's Guide is available at

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