Sunday, January 24, 2016

Is America pissed off? Why I wrote the third edition...

I have been asked on occasion why I put this book together, and whether or not it is serious. After all, a book with 100 blank pages is usually a diary or notebook, right? It is not a book about what politicians know. Or is it?

So here is my answer: My distaste for politicians in general is real. I have known many but only like a few. Perhaps it is my proximity to Washington DC. I live halfway between Baltimore and Washington and grew up with DC television, which invariably included regular doses of politicians seeking air time. 

The things you could count on with these politicians was not speaking until the polls were properly understood, then outrage or total support (depending on the poll results), and very little substance.

What we could count on from the media was giving these people air time. Thanks ever so much...

The first edition of The 2010 Unofficial Voter's Guide came out when the political and economic climate was boiling. The Wall Street bailout was well under way, although started by the previous president; there was a backlash to the national health reform program: the Tea Party was exerting enormous influence; and more.

When I originally decided to write the first version, there were several reasons. 

First, it was funny- a well-deserved poke at professional politicians.

Second, the horrific political and economic conditions mentioned above.

Third, the "silent majority" first cited by President Nixon in November 1969, when he asked for the support of the "silent majority of Americans" - well the silent majority was getting riled up and they were not so silent.

This "silent majority" in a way is very real- people who don't vote who make up 50% of the eligible voting public.

That now not so silent majority has risen up against the "establishment" in both parties, choosing to support candidates well outside of the mainstream, which threatens the current power structure like nothing else in recent memory.

Six months anyone saying Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders would be leading contenders for party nominations would have been institutionalized. Bernie and Donald have tapped into the silent majority.

The 2016 Unofficial Voter's Guide: Everything Politicians Know About What You Want in a roundabout way predicted this scenario. By tapping into the alienation of many Americans, the feeling that they have been totally left out of the decision making process, Sanders, Trump and Cruz have struck a real nerve that is terrifying for those who really run both parties because it is a big unknown, an unknown that they cannot control.

When you piss enough people off by your arrogance, they will turn on you.

Iowa and New Hampshire are gong to be very interesting...


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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kathie Obradovich ( @kobradovich ) of the #DesMoinesRegister ( @DMRegister )- a conversation with John Kasich on civility in the current political climate.

I saw her on CNN with Chris Cuomo and really enjoyed her comments, so I decided to follow her on Twitter and read some of her columns at DMR- good stuff.

While perusing the DMR web site, I also saw an article by Jennifer Jacobs highlighting 8 points she sees emrging - another really good DMR article. She really reads the Iowa tea leaves well.

Apparently great reporters don't have to reside in Washington, NY, LA or Chicago.


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Monday, January 11, 2016

An endorsement from the Trump camp?

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Why this book?

Why this book?

For those who know me, both in business and personally, it is understood that I am neither subtle nor tactful. Indeed, my business reputation has been built upon my ability to speak my mind regardless of venue, often voicing out loud what many might be thinking, but who don't have the venue to share.

I am not rude, simply blunt.

As a rule I don't discuss politics or religion outside of my family. These are personal to me and I prefer not to discuss. If I talk to you about this book, you will still not be able to determine if I am red or blue.

That being said, I have lived in the Washington DC suburbs for my entire life, and I have watched with varying degrees of amusement, sadness, anger, frustration and helplessness and the political "dialogue" seeks lower ground on an hourly basis.

Volume is high, substance is low.

Integrity has been replaced by the ability to create methane in sound-bites.

The political "debates" are a sham. Rather than discussing real issues, politicians spew what they know to be inaccurate in order to smear someone else on the podium.

My home state of Maryland has a gerrymandered district that would make the original Elbridge Gerry turn over in his grave. 

When will we say collectively "Enough!"

This book is my attempt to say enough is enough. Let's get back to doing some real work.


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The 2016 Unofficial Voter's Guide now available

The most comprehensive study on what politicians know about what you want is here! After years of study, I have concluded that politicians from both sides are disconnected from the known universe and live in a media-driven vacuum.

What do they know about what Americans want?

Not a darn thing! Hence, after the forward, this book is 100 blank pages....
And yes- it is a real book, available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or from my publisher, HappyAbout.

Atlanta Journal Constitution poll says Republicans frustrated

AJCs Greg Bluestein (@Bluestein ) reports that Georgia Republicans are frustrated with the party and they are seeking an outsider, which bodes well for @realDonaldTrump


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