Saturday, November 2, 2013

Open for Business

The 2014 Unofficial Voter's Guide official blog is "open for business". It is the home, along with the Facebook page,, for my new book, which will be available later this month.

While this blog and the book are satiric, I will not accept comments that are mean-spirited or abusive. That being said, I will be posting links to information which displays the circus-like atmosphere that has become Congress.

I welcome links to interesting items that illustrate Congressional foibles.

I have lived in the Washington, D.C. area nearly my entire life, so I have been close to the political turmoil that defines this area.

In 1960 my father took me to my first political debate. It was for a Congressional seat and  Republican Charles "Mac" Mathias was running against the incumbent, Democrat Jack Foley. After the debate I told my father that Foley was quite convincing. My father told me that being louder and more animated than your opponent did not mean that you were saying more than your opponent. Foley, my father told me, said nothing, but did so loudly. My father, a life-long Democrat, voted for Mathias.

Every day there is something in the news - radio, TV or print - demonstrating the abuse of power that is commonplace among Congressmen. From exempting themselves from certain laws, taking PAC or other money, political gifts, gerrymandering (recently in my home state, Maryland), and so much more, it is little wonder that I find myself in a perpetual state of "contempt of Congress."

There is much to be contemptuous of. Regardless of the intent of freshmen Congress men and women, there is something nefarious at work in the halls of Congress that seems to drag most, if not all, down the rabbit hole of being influenced and manipulated by special interests of all sides and by the debilitating disease of re-election fever.

This past week on the NBC Nightly News, Brian Roberts said a new poll indicated the majority of Americans were fed up with everyone in Congress, and that they should ALL be replaced.

I would agree.


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